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Antiseptic wipes packing machine PPD-AW140

Antiseptic wipes packing machine » PPD-AW140

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Antiseptic wipes packing machine

Antiseptic Wipes Packing Machine is automatic model for making 4 side sealing liquid filling prep wipes,wet tissue etc.

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Antiseptic wipes packing machine Details

Antiseptic Wipes Packing Machine is ideally designed for produce:alcohol wet wipes,BZK wipes,Computer cleaning wet wipes and medical wet wipes,isopropyl alcohol wet wipes,Aircraft wet wipes,hotel /Restaurant wet tissue,etc.

Production process:
Raw materials onto the machine→several(max 8)folding Longitudinally→two times folding crosswisely→cutting→spraying→into packages→sealing→cutting→product.

Technical parameters:
Name: wet tissue packaging machine
Model: PPD-SC
Wet tissue unfolded size: L 100-200mm × W 100-200mm
Wet tissue Folded size:L50-100mm × W25-35mm
Bag size: L50-90mm × W40-60mm
Wet tissue way of folding: several(Max 8) folding Longitudinally → one or two times folding crosswise
Way of adding liquid: at a certain amount
Processing ability: 100-140 bag/minute
Suitable wet pad material: roll, 40-60g/㎡,spunlace nonwoven cloth and wet strenth paper,Φ≤600mm, breadth 100-200mm
Suitable packing material: roll, 70-110g/㎡,paper aluminum,paper plastic,aluminum plastic and so on,,breadth ≤220mm
Raw material paper core inside diameter: Φ 76.2mm (=3")
Total power: 220v,50Hz,2.2KW
Weight: 800 kg
External dimensions: L2500mm × W1000mm × H1500mm
Packing size: L2700mm × W1300mm × H1800mm





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